Everlash lashes is made in germany, is pharmaceutical grade, and natural looking.
Everlash Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions
Everlash® professional semi-permanent eyelash extensions extends your eyelashes for a long, volumious, and natural look!

Crafted in Germany, Everlash lashes are perfect for every occasion. Enhance your own eyelashes day and night, Everlash extensions will withstand showers and even saunas.

Everlash Lashes. Become a Everlash Distributor today.

Semi Permanent Eyelashes
Semi Permanent Adhesive
Band Lashes
Semi-Permanent Eye Shadows
Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make-up

Everlash eyelash extensions are crafted for skilled lash professionals and are used by lash technician worldwide.

Everlash extensions typically last up to months. The period after which they need to be replaced is the same as that in which natural eye lashes that have fallen out need to be replaced by new growth.

Ask for EVERLASH semi-permanent eyelashes at your salon, make-up or nail studio.