Everlash lashes is made in germany, is pharmaceutical grade, and natural looking.
Everlash Spread Lash Kit and Everlash Single Lash Kit
Everlash Starter Kit

Everlash Makeup Remover
Make-up Remover

Everlash Tweezers
Everlash Tweezers

Everlash FlexiBands Strip Lashes
Everlash Flexibands

Everlash Spread Individual Lashes
Everlash Spread Lashes

Everlash Single Lashes
Everlash Single Lashes

Everlash Individual Eyelashes Dark Adhesive
Everlash Dark Adhesive

Everlash Individual Eyelashes Clear Adhesive
Everlash Clear Sdhesive

Everlash Remover Large
Remover Large

Everlash Eyebrow Make-up
Eyebrow Make-up

Everlash Eyebrow Eye Shadow
EyebrowEye Shadow

Everlash Remover Small
Remover Small

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Frequently Asked Everlash Questions:


What are Everlash Lashes?
Everlash Lash Extensions originated from Germany and is a new way to extend the length and thickness of your natural lashes with cluster and single lashes. They are applied to your natural lashes for a totally natural look.

Can I apply the lashes to myself?
Applying the lashes yourself is not recommended unless you have previous training or lash application experience.

How long can I expect the lashes to last?
When properly applied, first time users can expect a lash life of about 2 weeks. More experienced users can expect 3 weeks. Care must be taken to the eye area after application to ensure long life. Care must be taken not to rub eyes.

Can I wear mascara with Everlash lashes?
Mascara is not recommended for Everlash lashes. One, you won't need it, and two, when you try to remove the mascara you will remove the everlash lashes!

Are Everlash products safe?
Everlash products have passed all health and safety inspections in the E.U. where they are manufactured, and by Health Canada. The Everlash adhesive is latex based so people with a latex allergy should not have the lashes applied.

Can people with no natural lashes have Everlash lashes applied?
Everlash lashes are applied directly on top of natural lashes. People need some natural lashes to use Everlash.

What is the difference between drug store lashes and Everlash lashes?
Everlash lashes are known for their quality and are much easier to work with. The adhesive is far superior to any drug store brand. Unlike most lashes on the market that are made in asia, Everlash is made exclusively in Germany with the highest quality control.

Will I make my money back on my Starter Kit?
You should do a lot better than that! You'll use 1 set of lashes on your model during the CD training. That will leave you enough lashes for 8 clients. 8 x $50 (a typical salon price) = $400. Not bad for a $125 investment.

When I order product in the future, what will be my cost for applying one set of lashes?
The lashes, adhesive and solvent will cost you approximately $8 per client.

Why do I have to buy a Starter Kit before I can buy more lashes and adhesive?
Everlash is very concerned for the health and safety of its clients. It is in the technician's and client's best interest that when working near someone's eyes the technician has had the training provided by the CD in the Starter Kit or one-on-one training by an authorized Everlash Trainer.

Why does the kit include different lengths lashes?
Three lengths are recommended to create a more natural, volumious look. Longer length lashes can be used at the middle or corner of the eye depending on style preference.

What is the relationship between Everlash.US and Everlash?
Everlash.US is an import and distribution company with exclusive rights to market Everlash products in the U.S. To become a distributor of Everlash product, contact us here.